SpectreVision producers Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah want to do a A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, and they've even got a potential director in mind for the movie. As a production company, SpectreVision has been behind many notable modern horror movies, including Mandy, The Greasy Strangler, Cooties, and Daniel Isn't Real.

Speaking in a new interview, Daniel Noah and Elijah Wood reveal they're looking to next take on one of the most legendary horror franchises of them all by producing a new take on A Nightmare on Elm Street. Additionally, Noah also suggests Daniel Isn't Real helmer Adam Egypt Mortimer would be a good director for the potential reboot, citing social media support for the idea.

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"We have long fantasized having a crack at Nightmare on Elm Street. So has Adam Egypt Mortimer, who we just made Daniel Isn't Real with. That film and Elm Street have somewhat obscure but still tangible similarities of dream worlds. As people have been seeing Daniel Isn't Real, interestingly, there's been a little movement on Twitter for Adam Mortimer to take over Nightmare on Elm Street.

We've made no secret. We've been in touch with the rights holders many times. It's a real dream project for us to have a chance to make a film in that franchise. And like I said, we have a very specific take on it. I think it would be very surprising and exciting to remake the franchise."

Also in the interview, Daniel Noah says there are "other neighborhoods in this world" which could be explored. No other details on a potential plot are revealed beyond that, but this will certainly give fans plenty of fuel for speculation. Could this new unique take take place outside of the Ohio town Springwood, perhaps this time on an Elm Street in a small Western city? If so, it's also possible the story could even feature a new dream demon rather than Freddy Krueger, although many fans of the franchise may not like that idea. Chiming in, Wood offers a few more clues about their unique take on the story.

"It definitely has that aspect of pie in the sky, of getting to play in a certain sandbox, you know? It's a universe and a character and an idea that would be a fun sandbox to play in. It's trying to do something different. With a lot of these classic horror films that have seen so many sequels, eventually it sort of plays itself out a little bit.

It's also interesting to think about what could we do with a franchise like that which reinvents itself or creates something that is playing with the tone and key of the franchise, but is doing it differently or taking it in a slightly new direction. It's a fun way to think about those things."

The concept of rebooting A Nightmare on Elm Street is going to make a lot of fans of the series leery, considering the controversial remake that was released in theaters back in 2010. Starring Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger, the movie failed to connect with audiences in the same way as Wes Craven's 1984 original. Still, it was profitable at the box office, and there had been rumors for years New Line was considering another fresh reboot of the series with no connection to the 2010 remake. After nearly a decade, no such movie materialized, and the rights have since reverted back to Wes Craven's estate.

If another Elm Street movie must be made, many fans are holding out hope for Robert Englund to play Freddy Krueger one last time. After playing the iconic villain for the final time on the big screen in 2003's crossover movie Freddy vs. Jason, Englund later reprised the role for a special appearance on the comedy series The Goldbergs in 2018. This has increased the fan desire to see Englund play the part in another movie, and Englund himself has teased he has one more movie as Freddy in him. Franchise star Heather Langenkamp has expressed her interest in returning to the series as well.

As of now, there's no guarantee we'll ever see Freddy Krueger back on the big screen again, whether or not it will be Englund in the role. It's now clear Hollywood producers are trying to make it happen, but at this point, the ball is in the court of the Craven estate. You can read the rest of the interview with Noah and Wood at ComingSoon.net.