Not too long after word broke that the Nightwing movie may be seeking American Horror Story star Finn Wittrock as the title character, a.k.a. Dick Grayson, new artwork has surfaced revealing what the actor may look like in costume. Artist BossLogic continues his tradition of speculative artwork, despite there being no confirmation that Finn Wittrock is in talks for the role, or that the actor is event interested in joining the DCEU. Still, the rumor surfaced after some interesting Twitter activity was noticed by a number of fans.

The artwork surfaced on BossLogic Twitter, shortly after rumors surfaced about Finn Wittrock's involvement. The original rumor started when Finn Wittrock started following Nightwing director Chris McKay on Twitter, although the director and actor haven't had any interactions as of yet. While this certainly may not be the most accurate way of gauging candidates for acting and filmmaking jobs, it actually has proven to be accurate in the past. Many fans noticed that filmmaker Rick Famuyiwa started following a number of Warner Bros. and DC Twitter accounts, and shortly thereafter, he was announced as director of The Flash, although he would later drop out

Ever since word broke about this project, there have been no shortage of actors either expressing their interest in portraying Dick Grayson, or actors rumored to be in contention. Just a few weeks after the Nightwing movie was announced, Supernatural star Jared Padadlecki revealed that he wanted to play Dick Grayson in this movie, while rumors later surfaced that Zac Efron and Steven Yeun may be in contention. The latter two actors were even given the BossLogic artistic treatment after those casting rumors surfaced. Still, despite all of these rumors, no one has been officially cast quite yet.

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Director Chris McKay also revealed in July that, whoever becomes the Nightwing actor, will have to fully commit to the role, teasing that the role will be "grueling from a martial arts, gymnastics and stunt perspective," and that the actor will have to love the character as much as the director does. There had even been previous rumors that the upcoming Justice League movie may even feature Nightwing, since a set photo with Zack Snyder and Jason Momoa seemed to showcase the Nightwing costume in the background, but the character was never confirmed.

Just last week, Chris McKay added in another interview that Nightwing will be a "badass action movie with a lot of heart and emotion," that will also employ minimal CGI and practical fight sequences. He also added that there will be all real stunt work, adding that whoever lands the Nightwing role will be put through a "boot camp experience" to get them ready to take on this highly-physical role. While we wait for more on the Nightwing movie, take a look at BossLogic's fan artwork featuring Finn Wittrock as Nightwing below.