Last week, it was reported that Nightwing and The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay had entered talks to direct Dungeons & Dragons for Paramount, which the studio has already issued a July 23, 2021 release date for. While that news was certainly exciting for D&D fans, it also got DC fans wondering about the status of Nightwing, since Dungeons & Dragons will most likely be his next project, meaning, with the three years he'll spend on Dungeons & Dragons, and likely an additional two years to make Nightwing, it could be five years until we see Nightwing in theaters, although no production plans have yet to be confirmed for either movie. When one fan suggested that Chris McKay might be leaving Nightwing on Twitter, though, the director responded, making it clear that he's still attached to direct Nightwing.

"I'm pretty sure WB are going to have to fire me if they want me to leave Nightwing....."
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Director Chris McKay has always been quite active on Twitter, revealing last month that he'll have an update on Nightwing on Valentine's Day. He revealed that, "the first draft of the script is nearly done... but we are taking our time with this movie. It will be a long process." While he didn't give specifics about how long the process will be, less than a week after this announcement, it was reported that he will be directing Dungeons & Dragons for Paramount. There has been no official word from the studio about a production schedule and/or a release date for Nightwing.

This likely means it will be quite some time before we find out who is actually playing Dick Greyson in this upcoming movie. There have been no shortage of rumored candidates thus far, with actors such as Finn Wittrock, Dacre Montgomery and Dylan O'Brien said to be interested in the role, while another report claimed that the studio's front-runners were Matt Bomer (White Collar) and newcomer Sean Pignatelli (UnExpected Reasons), but that hasn't been confirmed either. What's interesting though is there is quite a significant age gap between Bomer (40) and Pignatelli (29), so it's unclear what the studio is looking for with this role.

While no story details have been revealed yet, most of the information that is out there on this movie comes from the director himself. Chris McKay has revealed in the past that whoever takes on the Nightwing role will be required to be in peak physical shape, because of the grueling demands they will have to meet for this role. The director also revealed that this project will be a, "badass action movie" although now it seems we'll have to wait quite some time to see it on the big screen.

Director Chris McKay also revealed in November that Warner Bros. was holding an open casting call for the Dick Greyson role, but he never stated when the casting call would actually take place. He did state that everyone will know when the casting search will begin, because they will be casting a net "far and wide" to find the right actor for this title character. Take a look at the latest from director Chris McKay's Twitter about the highly-anticipated Nightwing movie.