Warner Bros.' highly-anticipated Nightwing is still not ready to start production yet, but there was a report from November that claimed casting is already under way, with the studio holding open auditions for the title character. The last update we got on Nightwing was from director Chris McKay in mid-December, who stated that there will be a big announcement in February, which most took to mean a casting announcement. The filmmaker was asked by another fan when we'd hear more about this project, and now states that big news will be coming around Valentine's Day, but it won't be about casting. Here's what the director had to say, in response to a question from Twitter user Riley Severdeen.

"As usual you are right @rileyseverdeen ... it's too early to talk about casting but in February... say around Valentine's Day maybe... I should have an update about where everything is with the first Nightwing movie!!"
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There have been no shortage of actors throwing their hat into the proverbial ring to play Dick Greyson, with American Horror Story star Finn Wittrock said to be a candidate at one point last year, while Power Rangers and Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery hined he has been in the running as well. Now another actor has thrown his hat into the ring, Maze Runner star Dylan O'Brien, who revealed in a recent interview that he'd love to take on the role. Here's what he had to say below.

"He would be so good... So what happens is, Batman ages out, unfortunately, in Gotham, and Robin just kind of grows up and just has the same resources, but a little bit more of a badass kind of edge to him. Nightwing is essentially a 25- to like 30-year-old Robin, and he's got this sick blue one-piece outfit. Blue, black, and he's dope."

It might be a bit too late for Dylan O'Brien to throw his hat in the ring though, with another report claiming that Warner Bros. may already have its front runners. An unconfirmed report claims that Warner Bros.' top two choices for the Nightwing title role are Matt Bomer (White Collar) and newcomer Sean Pignatelli, who made his feature film debut earlier this month in the film UnExpected Reasons, which he also wrote and directed. What's interesting is these front runners are not exactly in the same age group, with Matt Bomer a 40-year-old actor and Sean Pignatelli just 29 years of age. The newcomer Pignatelli seems more in the right age range to play this character, but it remains to be seen who will actually win the role.

Regardless of who wins the role, director Chris McKay has revealed in the past on social media that the actor must meet some rigorous demands throughout the production process. As for this February update, it's possible that could be the release date announcement, since the studio hasn't set a date for Nightwing quite yet, and the director could also possibly reveal when filming may begin. In the meantime, take a look at the director's message from Chris McKay Twitter.