Last week, it was confirmed that The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay will make his feature live action directing debut with a new Nightwing movie. As is the case with any anticipated movie, some have started "fan-casting" the role, including a few artists who have recently shared their work, showing what two different actors might look like as Nightwing, Zac Efron and Steven Yeun. While it's far too early to tell if these actors are candidates, or if they're even interested in the role, these images are certainly well-crafted.

The first image surfaced from artist BossLogic's Twitter account, showcasing Zac Efron as Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Nightwing. This artwork comes just one day after Supernatural star Jared Padalecki expressed his interest in playing the role on Twitter, although it remains unclear if he is a legitimate contender for the role either. The script is currently being written by Bill Dubuque (The Accountant, The Judge), although it isn't clear how far along he is at this point.

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One of the Steven Yeun images actually dates back to October, long before this Nightwing movie was announced, from Instagram user spider.monkey23, while the other comes from Instagram user aikoaiham. While we don't know if these actors are actually candidates yet, Zac Efron is the youngest possible contender to emerge thus far, at 29 years old. Steven Yeun is 33 years old, while Jared Padalecki is 34 years of age. It remains to be seen if Warner Bros. will bring in Ben Affleck to return as Batman in this movie.

Dick Grayson is the original Robin in the DC Comics, the youngest member of an acrobat family known as the Flying Graysons. Bob Kane and Bill Finger created the character with illustrator Jerry Robinson, with the character making his comic book debut in Detective Comics #38, which was released in April 1940. It isn't clear how faithful the movie will be to the comics, or if the filmmakers are trying to adapt a particular DC story with Nightwing.

After Dick's parents were murdered in the comics, he is taken in as the legal ward of Bruce Wayne. He soon becomes Robin, teaming-up with The Dark Knight to clean up Gotham and restore justice to the troubled city. In the 1980s, Dick Grayson traded his Robin persona in for that of Nightwing, and became the leader of the Teen Titans. In his wake, a number of young men, and even some women, stepped in to take over as Robin. While we wait for more details about this project, take a look at this new Nightwing artwork featuring depictions of Zac Efron and Steven Yeun in the Nightwing suit.