The sci-fi thriller Dominion will be former Disney producer Nina Jacobson's first project for DreamWorks. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jacobson will produce the film through her own studio-based production banner Color Force.

The film revolves around a man who is chosen to command the first-ever robot army. Ben Ripley will be writing the screenplay. Jacobson said she liked the idea because, "It's a film that will require a real visionary director, and it's a project that has a lot of big-movie elements. Damien found an idea that captured his imagination, and he was able to get Ben Ripley excited about that idea. We turned a little seedling of an idea into something that is completely original and exciting. It has been a great collaborative process. I'm enjoying taking the time on this project, which is something I couldn't do as a studio executive."

There is no set start date for the project. It most likely won't see theaters until the end of 2008.