Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 is still shooting in and around New York City, with the entire cast assembled in Down Town for what are sure to be some epic action scenes. It's been awhile since we had anything revealed on set. But today, new photos bring us a first look at the tricked-out motorcycles that belong to sequel newcomers BeBop and Rocksteady.

These two mutated minions of Shredder will be played by WWE Superstar Stephen Farrelly, a.k.a. Sheamus, who is taking on the guise of Rhino Rocksteady and voice actor Gary Anthony Williams, who is playing the warthog Bebop. They join a cast that includes Megan Fox reprising her role as TV reporter April O'Neil and Will Arnett as her cameraman Vern Fenwick. Other new additions to the cast include Stephen Amell as Casey Jones, Alessandra Ambrosio as Vern's girlfriend Alessandra, Tyler Perry as mad scientist Baxter Stockman, and Brian Tee as the New Shredder. William Fichtner is also returning as the big bad Eric Sacks.

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Along with this look at BeBop and Rocksteady's new rides, we also get to see Stephen Amell and Megan Fox sharing a ride in Casey's black sportscar, which was revealed earlier in the month. TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles.com point out a few Easter eggs that have been spotted on the set recently, the biggest one being a name tag worn by Megan Fox that reads 'Renet Tilley'.

Fans will know that Renet Tilley was the 'Mistress of All Time'. She was an alley to the Turtles in both the comics and the 2003 animated series. It's hard to make out in the provided video, but Stephen Amell is also carrying a case that bears the name 'Rockwell'. It's speculated that this is a direct nod to Dr. Tyler Rockwell, who mutates into a monkey and eventually joins the Mighty Mutanimals. It's doubtful that either of these characters will actually appear in the movie, and are only being used as aliases by our heroes in infiltrating whatever it is the are infiltrating. Those plot details have yet to be revealed. It's believed that some groundwork is being laid out for possible future sequels here. Take a look and let us know what you think!