The Good

The Bad

I had to get passed a lot of my feelings about plastic surgery as I screened Nip/Tuck: The Complete Second Season. I didn’t have any problems with the show per se, I just personally think the idea of lopping off parts of your body in order to gain what society calls beauty is pretty disgusting. Add to this that a lot of the people getting this surgery are big stars who make proclamations about “just being who you really are,” yet they are 100% subservient this “society” and I just get confused.

Enough of my personal feelings, back to the show...

Having never watched an episode of Nip/Tuck in my life, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much I really enjoyed this show. The tales of Dr. McNamara and Dr. Troy, two good looking men who run their own “reconstructive surgery” business, really takes what could have been a one note concept and expands it out. This is done by showing the various predicaments of their patients, but also how their business effects them personally. I think when we go to Doctors we don’t ever think about them as human beings. They are just people examining us. They’re like schoolteachers in that we don’t ever think of them as having “real lives”. Yet, by turning the cameras on to this subject matter, we end up with a very well rounded television drama.

While my feelings and opinions about plastic surgery remain unchanged, I must admit that after seeing some of the situations shown in this show, it is understandable why people often have the procedures done. It is a way to turn back the clock. To reverse something in your life that you feel you can now control. Nip/Tuck: The Complete Second Season worked for me because I feel that while it is a serious show, it also exposed a lot about human beings desires to literally remove themselves from their own skin. Or, at least the parts that they don’t like.


Deleted Scenes

I am just not a fan of deleted scenes for TV shows. I say this because for so many years I was used to watching shows one way. It just seems to me that the scenes we are treated to here would have been better left off this 6 disk set. I just didn’t feel that what was cut illuminated anything, and as far as the shows go, I think that they were just fine as the episodes themselves. In TV, everything is pretty much bare bones anyway, simply because things move so quickly. In the case of these deleted scenes, it’s more of a situation where I think (and I think the producers and editors thought as well), these extras would just slow the show down.

Recurring Pain: Three Women and Their Man

This featurette looks at three women who are in love with Dr. Troy. It examines the personalities of all these characters, and how much of a tightrope it is to juggle all these different personality types. Add to this that you have “plastic surgery” as the backdrop and things seem like they can become infinitely more confusing. While I “got” this featurette, I am not sure that I understood it entirely as a new viewer to this show.


Widescreen - 1.78:1. This show looks really good. In fact it almost seemed to sparkle on my TV screen. Yeah, it also had the even keeled pace of so many of today’s shows, but I found that I really got into this shows look. There were a lot of times, due to the plastic surgery, that I looked away from the screen just because I found the whole thing to be a tad on the gross side. Actually make that on the really gross side. Yet, that is what gives this show a lot of it’s spark. The fact that is does show those things and takes the idea of “plastic surgery” to the next level. The transfers on these DVDs are excellent. Great work!


Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. Soundwise there really isn’t anything that special. I was able to hear everything that was said, and even though I hadn’t seen this show before, I found that I was quite able to pick up on what was happening. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to turn the volume on my TV up that loud at all. Even for the extra features, I didn’t have to adjust anything, which is pretty amazing when you consider the different formats that everything was shot in. My only complaint is that I found a lot of the acting too calculated. As a result, nothing really seems organic. That this show takes place in the world of a Drs. Office, where things are normally pretty stolid, the sound was steady, almost to the point of feeling contrived. If I could change anything about Nip/Tuck: The Complete Second Season, or any of today's big shows, it would be to have them seem a tad more freewheeling.


This cover is basically tempting the consumer to buy it (this of course is if you don’t have an aversion to sharp, large, medical objects). We have Julian McMahon, Dylan Walsh and Joely Richardson splashed across the front for good measure. The main color that seems to dominate is a silver steel, which I think perfectly captures the devices which drive this show. While I did find the packaging with this 6 disc set to be a tad bulky, overall I liked how the DVDs were organized and I found that I was very easily able to navigate my way around to find the extra features. At first glance, this may look like a daunting boxset but it really is easy to manage even if it takes up a tad more space in your DVD collection.

Final Word

Honestly, the subject matter of a man getting breasts, or a women having her insides redone actually turned my stomach a bit. Yet, I kept watching and I refused to pass judgment on this show until it was over. The office of McNamara-Troy is, if nothing else, a very interesting place. While I am sure that for the effect of TV, the situations have been highly dramatized, but I get the sense that things have never-the-less been rooted in some form of reality. I mean, people do act this way it seems. This show is supposed to be a glimpse inside this reconstructive world, and on that front I really have to take my hat off to the people doing the show. While I did find an element of comedy, I think it’s only because the patients demands and their ideas of what can be done were somewhat frightening. Not to mention that there is a large part of this show that deals with a serial killer!!

One of the most interesting subplots was when McNamara dated the porn star. This to me says more about the job and the effect that it has on someone then anything else. I mean, you spend all your time trying to make people “perfect”, and meanwhile your life is anything but, it is quite understandable how things of this nature could start playing on your mind.

While not for the faint of heart, Nip/Tuck: The Complete Second Season, is a “cut” above.

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