Get ready for some "Election Year" fun with Anthony Hopkins and Oliver Stone on DVD and Blu-Ray. Nixon: The Election Year Edition will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 19. The two-disc standard format set will be priced at $29.99 SRP and the two-disc Blu-Ray set will cost $39.99 SRP. The film stars Anthony Hopkins and Joan Allen, in both their Oscar-nominated roles along with Ed Harris and James Woods.



Nominated for four Academy Awards (Best Actor [Anthony Hopkins], Best Supporting Actress [Joan Allen], Best Original Screenplay [Stephen J Rivele, Christopher Wilkinson and Oliver Stone] and Best Original Dramatic Score [John Williams], 1995), Nixon is a spellbinding examination of the man who became known as America's "imperial president." Nixon's ruthless ambition puts him at the pinnacle of American politics, until he begins a disastrous attempt to wrest control of the nation away from the Congress and the courts. As a small group of political zealots seek to concentrate the power and prestige of the United States in the hands of one man, his personal demons drive him to undermine his legacy with political "dirty tricks" and a conspiracy to cover them up.

Special Features

- "Beyond Nixon," a new, never-before-seen documentary by Sean Stone featuring insights from author Gore Vidal and interviews with Washington insiders, including White House counsel to President Nixon, John Dean and notable political columnist and author, Robert Novak.

- Two Insightful commentaries from director and screenwriter Oliver Stone

- Deleted scenes introduced by Oliver Stone

- TV personality Charlie Rose's intuitive interview with Oliver Stone on the Nixon legacy

- Original theatrical trailer

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