Battlestar Galactica has the production value of a big budget sci-fi film. The show is a gorgeous achievement in special effects. It's star, Edward James Olmos, believes that a theater screen should be the place to see it. They showed some clips at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood for The All Access Pass presentation being held in the show's honor tonight, and it certainly looks like something that belongs in theaters. Not on a television screen.

But the idea of turning Battlestar Galactica into a big budget franchise much like the Star Trek series will never come to pass. Producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick confirmed that there would be no Battlestar Galactica movie. Ever.

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The season four series finale is going to be the last we see of the Galactica. Moore stated, "Everything has its time. And we needed to write a definite end. We needed to bring this to a conclusion, and we're glad that we get to do it on our own terms. This tale has had a very specific beginning, middle, and ending. There will not be a Battlestar Galactica movie. And we will not end the series with a wink. It will have a definite conclusion. There won't be any unanswered questions."

Except, "Where's Bulldog."

"When you are in the writing room, you sometimes make mistakes. Look at Happy Days. Where's Chuck? Nobody knows."

Jamie Bamber, who plays Apollo on the show, chimed in, "He's out in back of the theater, with Bulldog."

While there wont be a Battlestar Galactica movie, the folks behind the series are working on a prequel entitled Caprica. The producers are also working on a redo of the The Bionic Woman, which will air this fall.

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