October will feature a DVD release that examines a different kind of horror: the war in Iraq.

In a story from Davis DVD, Magnolia Home Entertainment has tapped October 30 to bring out Charles Ferguson's riveting documentary, No End in Sight.


On March 19, 2003, forces from the United States and a handful of allied nations invaded Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein from power. American military leaders expected the conflict to last no more than a few months, and President George W. Bush declared that major military operations were over less than two months later. However, Iraq soon became a dangerous quagmire for American forces, and near the end of 2006, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, one of the key architects of America's strategy in Iraq, resigned from office due to public outcry and Bush declared he was "rethinking" his plan of attack in Iraq as the nation sank into civil war, with U.S. troops the frequent targets of attacks on both sides. How and why did America's leaders decide to invade Iraq? How did they formulate a strategy that went so far wrong? And can anything be done to salvage the situation?

DVD Features:

- Commentary track by Charles Ferguson

- Additional footage

The No End in Sight DVD will sell for $26.98.