Hello everyone! Some wacky things are going here in the Lights Out Entertainment world so listen up!

OK, some of you may know, as it was news to me this morning, that Bla-Bla will be going out of business and selling off to UGO.com! What does this mean for Lights Out? We don't know exactly what will happen yet, but we can say for the next few days things will be very slow with the movies! They should still be loading up, but with all the activity that I know the Bla-Bla server will be having things will be SLOW! If you find some problem that you think we aren't aware about please e-mail [email protected] asap so we can fix the issue.

If anyone has any ideas about what we should do about this situation or if you have any comments about UGo, Bla-Bla, or any network affiliate please let us know. An affiliate is the only current way we can keep Lights Out independent at the moment! Have no fear, LOE will be here forever!!!

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E3 is amazing. I never could have even imagined such a huge place cram packed with so many geeks raving about the one thing your parents wish you still weren't into at your age...VIDEO GAMES!!! We are having so much fun here...check out what we've seen!{@IMG:9yu5oGgpPZwXQeas7wCftRb4Gbu4dV|Movie [email protected]}So walking around E3 is pretty overwhelming. Your senses get overloaded while you see stuff that you know you have to see, but you keeping walking because you start seeing other things that catch your eye. Everyone there is trying to advertise their product bigger and louder then the rest, so you see how it can start getting crazy.
Movie PictureThe crew, consisting of Brian, Brock, and

The most amazing looking games at E3 were by far Halo(XBox), Luigi's Mansion(Gamecube),

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You have to take a look at some of the footage we've linked to over at Videogames.com. We have a full video, text, and picture report comin to the site next week! More updates from day 2 coming tomorrow! We have so many cool stories to tell you!!!

Stay tuned!!! ~Brian