The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: So, what happened to those 100+ stills from The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers we were advertising yesterday? At the request of New Line Cinema, we have taken the images down indefinitely. The Two Towers is yet to be released in some countries around the world, and to not spoil details of the film with high resolution photos for the people who haven't seen the film, New Line Cinema has asked us to limit that kind of exposure. We're sorry to everyone for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind: We've got 2 new, never-before-seen clips from Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind up! CLICK HERE

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines:Ain't it Cool News has gotten a scoop about how the new T-X Terminator functions in the hunt for John Connor and his cyborg pal. WARNING: COULD CONTAIN SOME MAJOR SPOILERS:

"I asked this human being what this human being could tell me about the T-X... first off, the T-X is half liquid metal ala the T-1000 and half endoskeleton robot ala the T-800. Isn't that pretty cool? This is how it works. Her "skin" or outer body is composed of liquid metal! Then she's as advanced as it gets on the inside with that endoskeleton. I guess it's like Inspector Gadget, too. She has lasers and she definitely has some sort of retractable saw. So, basically, instead of just being a really advanced T-800, she's a cross breed of the machines from T2, liquid and solid endoskeleton."

Dawn Of The Dead (Remake): Wondering about what's going on with that Dawn of The Dead remake we heard about a few months back? Ryan Rotten over at Creature Corner got his hands on the script and has posted a review for all to enjoy:

"If Romero's film hadn't existed before this script, Gunn's draft would've stood as just another mildly crappy zombie film. It's got a shiny wrapper and on the surface it looks fun...but it's essentially a hollow film. I get the feeling Gunn thought he was taking enormous leaps and bounds by delivering on the gore, when what he really wasn't making emotional risks with the characters and situations. I recall reading a few quotes from Gunn when this project was announced, that he'd find writing this as an opportunity to study consumerism and really exploit it. Somewhere between that quote and the actually writing his mission statement got lost along the way - perhaps it was a project that just became an unstoppable monster for him. Who knows? In any case, the script is an unnecessary mess and missed opportunity."

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Catwoman:Ain't It Cool, Dark Horizons, and Coming Attractions are all claiming that last year's Oscar winner, Halle Berry, is up for the role of Catwoman, which looks to be released early next year by Warner Bros.

Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban:CBBC Newsround are confirming some roles in the next Harry Potter film:

"CBBC Newsround can confirm that an important role in the third Potter film, Prisoner of Azkaban, has been taken by award-winning British actor David Thewlis. Thewlis will play kindly teacher Professor Lupin - who has a mysterious secret."

"We can also tell you that Tom, the innkeeper at the Leaky Cauldron, will be played by bald comedian Jim Tavare.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Tavare knows Tom looks like a "wizened, toothless walnut," so we're guessing he's not too vain!"

No one has officially confirmed casting of Professor Dumbledore.

The Matrix Reloaded:Latinoreview recently spoke with Lawrence Fishburne about his role in the upcoming Biker Boyz. During the interview he served up some juicy details on the Matrix films which hit this year:

There are some cool race scenes in Biker Boyz; can you talk about the so-called famous freeway scene in THE MATRIX RELOADED?

Laurence: "Ah, the freeway chase, The Matrix is going to be unstoppably watchable, you're gonna get to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, the technology is gonna be unlike anything you have ever seen before. They are going to release two animated shorts [Animatrix] in February, that you go to the website and visit for free and see them. I'm trying to remember to the title for the first two, I think its called "Renaissance" and they deal with how the world that we live in today got to be the world of the Matrix. And then when DREAMCATCHER comes out, there is a nine-minute Animatrix attached to the end of DREAMCATCHER, called "Flight of the Osiris" that sets up the plot for the Matrix Reloaded. Then the day the movie [Matrix Reloaded] comes out "Enter the Matrix", which is the video game, comes out as well, and it's in all platforms Xbox, PS2, etc, etc…"

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What A Girl Wants: New photos from the film are now online! CLICK HERE

Metroid: The Movie:Variety is reporting that the old story of Nintendo's Metroid has been picked up by Zide/Perry Entertainment, who hope to bring the popular video game to the big screen. Warren Zide & Craig Perry, who produced such franchises as American Pie and Final Destination, are currently in the process of looking for writers and casting the right talent for the story. We'll keep you posted on this project!

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