During a recent interview with About.com, producer Neil Moritz revealed some development aspects of the proposed 3rd act of the Sast an the Furious franchise...

Is it true you’re doing a Fast and the Furious 3 with neither Vin Diesel nor Paul Walker?

Yes, it is.

At what point did you realize you had to reinvent that franchise?

Well, we really loved making those two movies and we were looking for a fresh take on how to go into that world again, we came to this idea of going to Japan.

How is racing different in Japan?

It’s where a lot of this stuff started, so it’s about the new level of racing there.

Was there development on a Fast and the Furious 3 script that brought Dominic back?

We had talked about it.

But it never got to even the treatment stage?


If the first sequel was 2 Fast 2 Furious, what will the third Fast and the Furious be called?

I don't know. Got any good ideas?

How about 3 Fast Most Furiously?

You can have that one.

In addition, the producer also revealed some new info about the upcoming Hot Wheels film as well as who he'd like to see play Luke Cage in the proposed comic book adaptation.

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