No Time to Die is Daniel Craig's final outing as James Bond. The movie is intended to provide a fitting end to Craig's time with the character, and the actor has teased that the series finale will be a very emotional affair, even going so far as to say it will make audiences cry. Now, a casting call sheet from the Italy portion of director Cary Fukunaga's shoot has appeared on eBay, and it contains key scene information that helps to fill in a lot of the character and story arcs. Warning! The info in the next few paragraphs contain massive spoilers for No Time to Die.

Actor Billy Magnussen is said to be playing Ash, who is a CIA agent who will be leading pursuit of James Bond in the third act, indicating that Bond will once again be going rogue to get the answers he seeks. The scenes from the trailer which feature Bond and Madeleine swimming take place in the 'Cave of Poetry' in Puglia, which were captured in IMAX rather than the standard 35mm.

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The character of Madeleine mentions someone trying to frame her, leading to a breach of trust between her and Bond. Again. The main villain Safin, played by Rami Malek, has a submarine pen on an island as his evil lair, a plot point that had been rumored for some time.

Now for the biggest reveal from the leaks, and, again, MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING. Some of the scenes mentioned in the leaks seem to be taking place near the third act of the film. They feature Lashana Lynch, playing the new 007 agent Nomi, helping lead Madeleine and a new character named Mathilde to safety from the submarine lair, while Madeleine tells Mathilde a story.

So who is Mathilde? She is a five-year-old girl who is apparently critical enough to the narrative to be present for the final act of the film. Previous press reports have indicated that the character of Safin is obsessed with Madeleine, having saved her from drowning when she was very young, and clones her at some point.

So Mathilde could be the clone of Madeleine that Bond discovers living in secret in Safin's lair, so that saving the child becomes a high priority for Bond and Nomi during the final part of the movie. The film could thus end with Bond becoming a parent, as he and Madeleine become guardians to Mathilde, thus completing Bond's character arc after he steps away from his role as a secret agent by giving him a family.

Such a storyline was teased in the original novels written by Ian Fleming on which the character is based. In You Only Live Twice, Kissy Suzuki became pregnant with Bond's child, something he was unaware of. The arc was never completed, and we did not get to see Bond accept the responsibilities of fatherhood. The upcoming film might be looking to finish the arc, giving Bond the emotional ending Daniel Craig has promised fans. These leaks comes from mi6.