There are few storytelling devices with as poor a reputation among writers as the whole 'it was all a dream' schtick that is sometimes pulled at the end of stories in an effort to blow the audience's mind. And yet, during a chat with Interview Magazine, director of the latest Bond movie, No Time to Die, Cary Joji Fukunaga revealed that he considered doing just that in the upcoming film.

I had an idea that this movie could all be taking place inside the villain's lair from the last film. There's this scene where a needle goes into James Bond's head, which is supposed to make him forget everything, and then he miraculously escapes by a watch bomb. And then he and Léa blow up the place, and go on to save the day. I was like, "What if everything up until the end of act two is all inside his head?"
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In the last James Bond movie, Spectre, the super-spy finds himself trapped in the lair of his archenemy/step-sibling Blofeld. In keeping with the franchise's tradition, the villain choses to torture Bond with a fancy device instead of killing him straight away. This time, Bond was strapped to a chair while a machine drilled a hole in his head.

Naturally, Bond does manage to escape, save the damsel in distress and blow up the evil organization Spectre's headquarters. And yet, considering the fact that the drill had already done its work prior to his escape, viewers were quite disbelieving that Bond could be running and fighting immediately afterward as though he had not just suffered from crippling brain trauma.

This led to a popular theory gathering strength online that Bond had actually not escaped from the chair. Blofeld had succeeded in lobotomizing Agent 007, and the rest of the film, from his escape, to defeating Spectre, was all the product of Bond's fevered imagination to escape the reality of his situation.

Now it seems Fukunaga at one point considered leaning pretty heavily into this theory, and even extending Bond's fever dream to encompass the next film as well. While it would have been an unexpected move, it would also likely have infuriated fans to find out that Daniel Craig's last Bond adventure was not an adventure at all, but the inner ramblings of a helpless and defeated man.

But it seems Fukunaga rejected his own idea before taking it any further, and the new Bond movie does indeed take place in the character's reality, instead of inside his mind. There are a lot of expectations from No Time to Die, and while it's trailer has offered some hair-raising stunts, Daniel Craig has also promised the movie has a deeply emotional core that will bring tears to the eyes of audiences.

The movie has finished post-production and is awaiting a release date to be decided by the studio. Hopefully, fans will get to see Craig's final outing as Bond on the big screen instead of on a streaming service. This news was revealed in Interview Magazine.

Neeraj Chand