Disney brought the holiday season to the D23 Expo this year with the fantasy comedy Noelle. The Christmas comedy starring Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) and Bill Hader (Barry) was originally slated to hit theaters in November this year, but was pulled from the release calendar. It seems Santa Claus' daughter has found a home on the family-friendly streaming service instead.

Anna Kendrick released an image of herself dressed as the jolly character in 2017 when the film was first announced, and now the poster gives us a look at how horrified and worried her character actually is.

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The film centers on the daughter of the real Santa Claus, Noelle. When her father decides to retire, and her brother gets cold feat just before his first Christmas Eve, Noelle must take up the family business.

According to the new poster, Noelle might not have to do it alone. Comedian Bill Hader is pictured beside her, dressed in Claus gear, and looking equally as concerned that they are "saving Christmas together. Oh, Joy." Anna Kendrick's straight-laced, ambivalent outsider brand of comedy should prove a hilarious contrast to the cheery, child-like wonder of Christmas. Honestly, there's no telling which Hader we'll get. His character could be anywhere from his responsible doctor from Trainwreck to his ridiculous Stefon from Saturday Night Live.

Adding to the fun is a strong cast of personalities. The great Shirly McClaine will play a character named Elf Polly, an "on-screen elf nanny." Billy Eichner's role is unspecified so far, but fingers crossed his on-screen persona is akin to his intense and unpredictable Craig in Parks and Rec. Julie Hagerty (Instant Family) and Alison Araya (Riverdale) will also star.

Noelle is directed by Marc Lawrence, who also penned the script. Lawrence is most known for writing the Miss Congeniality films. He also wrote and directed another Sandra Bullock dramedy, Two Weeks Notice, along with Music and Lyrics and Did you Hear About the Morgans?. Lawrence is taking a step away from romance to helm the Christmas film for Disney, but if you're going to make a holiday flick, Disney is the studio to do it for.

Over the years, Disney has dominated the magical Christmas genre. They're always reliable for a good Christmas special featuring puppies, muppets, or Pooh characters. Their feature films have garnered a nostalgic following as well. Tim Allen has worn the red suit in all three of The Santa Claus films, though his first appearance in the 1994 comedy remains the most beloved. The 2009 animated drama adaptation of A Christmas Carol helped push VFX forward with performance capture of its stars Jim Carrey and Gary Oldman.

There's no way of telling how Kendrick's Noelle will fit into the "Best Of Disney Christmas" lists, but its bound to give us some good laughs. Disney Plus will be available in the US on November 12 for your Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and Fox viewing pleasure. Stick with us as more news from D23 Expo comes out. This news comes to us direct from Disney Plus.

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