The Polar Express: Nona Gaye recently talked to about her upcoming role in Robert Zemeckis' fantasy flick, The Polar Express, with Tom Hanks:

Nona Gaye told SCI FI Wire that she worked entirely in a small, empty motion-capture room to create her computer-animated character. Her character will be animated based on her actions and will appear in digital sets to be created in post-production.

"It's just like a closet, so small it's ridiculous," Gaye said in an interview. "We just run around this room and do all these crazy things and act like there were stairs and bridges and all kinds of things, when there's really nothing."

Gaye appears alongside Tom Hanks, who stars as the conductor of a train to the North Pole who teaches a young boy that Santa Claus is real. "My character's name is Hero Girl," Gaye said. "Tom is Hero Boy. We have this really exciting adventure in the North Pole, and I cannot say too much more than that."