Norman Lear is about to delve into the world of turnbuckles and tights for his new series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lear will bring his project revolving around 1970s professional wrestling to HBO. The project is tentatively titled "Everybody Hurts."

Aaron Blitzstein wrote the project which Lear's Act III Productions is producing for HBO. The series will center on a family running a pro wrestling business in the 1970s and will also delve into the social climate of the 70s as well as looking at the sport and its fans.

Blitzstein is well-equipped for this series, having worked for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as a marketing VP. Blitzstein had met with Lear to discuss another project and when the talk turned to his WCW days, they hatched this series idea. Lear had wanted to do a series on pro wrestling for quite some time, it seems.

"Pro wrestling is a pretty fair reflection of good and evil in our culture," Lear said.

They decided to set the series in the 70s instead of today, to show more of where this business came from.

"It was more of mom-and-pop type of feel back then," said Blitzstein. "And it was a little bit more ridiculous and fun."

No production schedule was released for the series.