Would killing Daryl Dixon off be the biggest mistake The Walking Dead ever made? Fans have threatened a riot, but we don't put it past AMC to throw such a shocking turn of events into its upcoming Season 5 run. After all, it certainly would make for the most memorable death yet. And no one can escape the grim reaper on this hugely popular horror series.

Entertainment Weekly has dropped a new image from the The Walking Dead Season 5, which gives us a look at Norman Reedus gagged and bound as he awaits his Terminus fate. Will he die? Maybe...

<strong><em>The Walking Dead</em></strong> Season 5 Daryl Dixon Norman Reedus Photo

The Walking Dead will be returning to San Diego this July for Comic-Con 2014, as the cast and crew plan a Q&A panel for July 25. They will also be bringing The Walking Dead Escape, a themed obstacle course where fans can dress as a survivor or a zombie, and try to escape. The action takes place at Petco Park, and to be a survivor is a little cheaper than being a zombie at $75. To be a member of the Walking Dead will set you back $95, and if you just want to watch, it costs $20.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange