Perhaps this news may sound a bit familiar, but Daniel Craig has confirmed he is done playing James Bond following his work on No Time to Die. The upcoming movie will be the 25th James Bond film and the fifth performance of Craig as Agent 007, but moving forward, the actor is insisting someone else will need to take on the role of the charming superspy. Recently, Craig was directly asked by the German publication Express if this was really the end of his time playing Bond. Translated, Craig's reply simply stated, "Yes! In the future someone else has to do it!"

This is not the first time Daniel Craig has said he was finished playing James Bond on the big screen. After playing the role in four separate movies, Craig said in 2015 he would rather "slash [his] wrists" than reprise the role for another sequel. He also said at the time that if he chose to one day come back to the role, it would "only be for the money," which may explain why he changed his mind to star in No Time to Die. The upcoming title is the most expensive James Bond movie ever made with the highest budget in the franchise's history, and a sizeable portion of that budget likely went straight into Craig's pocket.

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Still, although Craig isn't joking about suicide this time around, it's probable the 51-year-old now truly means when he says his time as Jame Bond is over. Playing the character across so many movies has brought about many very-real injuries for Craig, starting with getting his front teeth smashed out during the filming of his first Bond movie, Casino Royale. While shooting the sequel Quantum of Solace, Craig also lost the tip of his finger and had to have it cauterized shut. Among other Bond-related injuries, the most brutal incident happened during the production of No Time to Die when Craig went under the knife for ankle surgery following a nasty fall on the set. The human body can only endure so much, so perhaps it's best at this point to just take the money and run.

Plans for the James Bond franchise moving forward aren't clear at this time, though it's possible the story from No Time to Die could continue without the Bond character. It's been reported the Agent 007 moniker will be given to Lashana Lynch's character in the upcoming movie, and a spin-off could follow the adventures of the new 007. Still, a Bond movie without Bond may be a hard pill for some fans to swallow, and fans have already been speculating about which actor could take on the role next. Idris Elba, Henry Cavill, and James McAvoy have been among many names fans have suggested for the iconic part.

Craig may be wrapping up his time as James Bond, but the actor is still not slowing down. He'll also soon be on the big screen when Rian Johnson's Knives Out releases in theaters on Nov. 27. Catch No Time to Die when it premieres on April 8, 2020. This news comes from Express and was translated by Anton Volkov on Twitter.