The advent of the global lockdown conditions has put every new film project on hold for the foreseeable future. Many studios are using the extra time to tweak their completed films further. During an Instagram interview, director Cary Fukunaga was asked if a similar makeover was being attempted on his upcoming James Bond movie, No Time to Die, and he had a firm response.

"Although more time would have been lovely, we had to put our pencils down when we finished our post-production window."
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Sounds like there are certain aspects of the film that Cary Fukunaga would not mind getting a chance to brush up on, but he is resisting the impulse. When another fan persisted in asking whether the director would not like to add a bit more 'polish' to the film in all the extra time the production team now has, Fukunaga explained why it would be counter-productive to the studio to try to tinker any further with their finished movie.

"Short answer is money. And although Bond is a big movie, we still have to weigh cost with value. And like anything, you could tinker endlessly. The movie is great as it is."

So it seems Fukunaga has made his peace with the fact that the film is in its final finished state now, waiting patiently in the studio vaults for the lockdown to end so it can make its way to theaters. Just like the fans have been waiting, not so patiently, to see the film.

No Time to Die is considered significant for many reasons. It is being touted as the final film with Daniel Craig as James Bond, an actor who defined the role in a way no other actor had been able to since the days of Sean Connery. The movie will also introduce a female Agent 007 for the first time, and end the 'origin' saga of Bond that has been set up since the past few films.

The upcoming movie will see Bond coming out of a five-year retirement to help Britain's secret service track down the source of disappearance of a number of prominent scientists, which leads back to a shadowy figure in control of dangerous new technology. This time, Bond has to save not just the world, but also the people closest to him, in the only way the master spy and legendary undercover assassin knows how: partaking in a number of very public fights and explodey vehicle chases without any kind of a disguise.

For now, the release date for the movie has been pushed back to November 12, with there also being a strong chance of it getting pushed into a next-year release if theater chains remain closed this year, or fail to entice audiences fearful of sitting in closed, crowded spaces just to watch a film. Unfortunately, there are some situations that even Bond with the full resources of his majesty's secret service backing him cannot win over.