Nothing But the Truth, a new game show that revolves around a lie detector, is coming to Fox. According to Variety, a total of seven episodes have been ordered in all.

The show will take contestants and strap them to a lie detector. They will be asked twenty-one highly personal questions while their entire family watches from the sidelines. The show is based on a series from Colombia, where it is a ratings hit with the locals.

Fox alternative entertainment president Mike Darnell stated, "The minute I saw the presentation, I bought it. It's a combination of this edgy, at times scary moment where people are admitting things that you'd never normally admit. But they're doing it for money."

Darnell continued by saying he was impressed by the use of the lie detector in a game show setting, "with these kinds of life-changing questions. It's going to be controversial. I think it could be the next big thing."