It took a rapper's biopic to get the surprising pinfall over the week's predicted favorite in home video this week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Notorious took the top spot on the national DVD sales charts in a surprise win over the critically-acclaimed release The Wrestler, although the release did prevail elsewhere on the charts.

The Wrestler took the top spot on the rental charts and was the top-selling Blu-ray title of the week as well. The Mickey Rourke film, which was nominated for two Oscars, took a close second place to Notorious on the DVD sales charts, selling 81% as many DVD copies as Notorious. The only other notable release was the Best Picture nominee Frost/Nixon, which finished in sixth place on the DVD sales charts and eighth on the Blu-ray sales charts.

The Wrestler took the edge in Blu-ray sales with 19 percent of the title's total take coming from BD sales, while Notorious's BD take was just 12 percent.