We reported a few months back that Russell Crowe was to play both Robin Hood and the Sherrif of Nottingham in Ridley Scott's new origin pic Nottingham, and now we finally know why. MTV Movies Blog recently spoke with the film's producer, Brian Grazer, who spilled on the dual roles of Crowe. WARNING: Spoilers lie ahead, so read no further if you're not into spoilers.

"The two role confusion is that what Robin Hood does is he sees Nottingham in battle very early in the movie and Nottingham dies. And Robin Hood takes over the identity of Nottingham. Thats how it plays out."

Grazer also revealed that the script is receiving a final rewrite by Brian Helgeland and the film should be ready for a production start in March.

We'll certainly keep you posted on this intriguing new film as soon as more information comes in.