Notzilla The the hilarious award-winning Kaiju spoof comes smashing onto digital platforms as well as Blu-ray and DVD today and we have an exclusive look at the movie for you to feast your eyes on.

1962. Yomama Bay. While the Japanese armed forces destroy yet another giant kaiju, a young paleontologist, Prof. Hiro Honda, rescues her offspring, whisking the mysterious red egg off to safety in friendly Cincinnati, Ohio (Ohio means "hello" in Japanese). However, as the jet arrives, he accidentally flushes the egg down the toilet. It disappears into the Ohio River just as a group of physicists, led by the brilliant (or maybe not) Dr. Richard Blowheart, are testing "uber-fission" power at SNUGI, the Secret Nuclear Underground Government Installation 500 stories beneath the city of Cincinnati.

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Shaken loose by testing, the egg is quickly discovered by Blowheart and his assistant, Dr. Shirley Yujest. The two soon meet Prof. Honda, who tells them that the egg contains a living Notzillasaurus Partiontilldon. The creature will remain small, he explains, as long as it is not exposed to alcohol. But if it is, it will grow hundreds of times larger (naturally) and attack the nearest city.

Directed by Mitch Teemley and produced by Aymie Majerski, Mitch Teemley, Notzilla is available now at Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vimeo On Demand, as well as Blu-ray and DVD.