We all knew the PlayStation 3 would make an impact...

In a story from Variety, it seems that Blu-ray has penetrated more homes than HD-DVD. This is because the "PlayStation 3 comes standard with a Blu-ray player, whether buyers want one or not, there's no way to tell whether that lead will translate into DVD sales for studios."

NPD Group reports sales of "197,000 PlayStation 3's in the U.S. in November, following the console's Nov. 17 launch."

As for HD-DVD, it is reported that Microsoft "sold 42,000 units of its new HD-DVD player add-on for the Xbox 360 in the U.S. last month." Things are a little different as far as the Xbox is concerned "because the accessory has nothing to do with gaming," those 42,000 people buying that add-on are doing because they want to watch HD-DVD movies.