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This is "almost" as good as a javascript:void(0|naked Tomb Raider Poster! Almost...

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They're almost here...Hobbits, Orcs, The Ring and so much more. Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring will embrace audiences on December 19th. That's only 18 days away! Are you ready? We here at Lights Out are. We'll be there opening day to give you the inside scoop on everything coming from Middle Earth. Watch for our coverage coming soon!

In other LOTR news....Did you miss the Lord Of The Rings special on Fox that aired Thursday night like I did? That's OK! Ain't It Cool has posted an MPEG of the show! Click THIS now to experience Balin's Tomb and Cave Trolls!

Also, on Ain't It Cool this week, Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen) speaks about his impression of his personal screening of the movie! Click here to find out what he had to say about this masterpiece!

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13 Official Fellowship Of The Ring posters are now available!

Episode: II of Death's End is filming tomorrow morning at 7:45AM...ugh...

"Zombie films are fantastic because you can make an impression on audiences for not much money...if you're prepared to be outrageous!"

- Peter Jackson, Director of Lord Of The Rings, Entertainment Weekly, Nov. 16th 2001

Stay Tuned... ~Brian

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