After filmmaker Neill Blomkamp revealed that his Alien 5 sequel was not happening anymore, many fans had wondered what the director would take on next. A few weeks ago, the filmmaker started teasing a new endeavor of his called Oats Studios on social media, which will be a series of experimental short films that will be featured on the studio's YouTube channel, and on the Steam streaming service as well. While it remains to be seen when the first films through this endeavor will be released, the director debuted a new trailer for Oats Studios: Volume 1, featuring a unique monster movie.

This trailer from Oats Studios YouTube doesn't reveal what the name of this film is, but during one of his tweets from earlier this month, the filmmaker referred to this project as Rakka, while debuting the first 15-second teaser. No plot details were given for this first short film, or when exactly it will be released, but the filmmaker did explain what he's trying to do with Oats Studios in a series of recent tweets, after this teaser was unveiled. Here's what the director had to say below.

"Maybe with volume 1, it could be entirely free. Which means #oatsstudios YouTube page is where to get extras like 3D models / Vfx assets/ concept art/ all the raw footage / all music etc , maybe on steam for a nominal price. If people like... Hopefully pay for volume 2. Or go to theatres to see feature adapted from one of the shorter films."

The full 70-second trailer for Oats: Volume 1 shows Sigourney Weaver in a tough as nails military role. As many fans know, she was supposed to return in Alien 5. And the footage does have a very Aliens feel to it. Perhaps, with Alien 5 all but canceled, this will offer a peak at some of what was planned for that movie? The director hasn't commented on it yet.

Blomkamp was asked if the name Oats Studios has any sort of specific meaning, with the director responding that the whole idea of this studio is to do whatever they want with "no constraints," adding that an "inexplicable name" seemed fitting. The filmmaker hasn't revealed how long this Rakka short film is, or when it may be released in full on their YouTube channel and on the Steam streaming service. As for these films being adapted into full-length feature films, the director hasn't announced any plans on that front either, but that will likely depend on how fans respond to this initial wave of short films.

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Like many filmmakers, Neill Blomkamp got his start by directing a number of short films, including Tetra Vaal, Alive in Joburg, Yellow and Tempbot, but it was his 2007 short Halo: Landfall that truly got him noticed. The filmmaker was attached to direct the live-action Halo movie for producer Peter Jackson, but when that fell apart, he went on to make his feature film debut with the critically-acclaimed Best Picture nominee District 9. In addition to the trailer for Oats Studios Volume 1, we have assembled all of Neill Blomkamp's tweets about his new Oats Studios venture, which you can check out below.