Actor Tom Cruise has signed on for the lead role in Universal Pictures' graphic novel adaptation Oblivion for Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski. We reported last month that Tom Cruise was the front runner for the part, and now his deal is finalized.

Tom Cruise will star as one of the only humans left on Earth, a soldier who repairs the drones which roam the planet and destroy alien beings. The rest of human civilization now lives above the clouds, since the planet has become too toxic. When this soldier finds a woman who crash landed on Earth, they go on a unique journey together, discovering that what they have been told about Earth may not be true.

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Joseph Kosinski will direct from a screenplay by Karl Gajdusek, who polished the original script by William Monahan. Production is scheduled to begin in October, with a $100 million budget. It is also said that Oblivion will be eyed for a PG-13 rating.