Occupant Films is set to produce filmmaker Peter Himmelstein's comedy Peep World, a script he penned which was selected for the Sundance Directors Lab in 2004. Himmelstein will direct the film. Peep World marks Himmelstein's second collaboration with Occupant Films having recently completed The Key Man which he also wrote and directed. Peep World is set to start production in summer, 2007. Occupant Films is led by producers Keith Calder, Felipe Marino and Joe Neurauter.

Peep World is the story of a family on a collision course with itself. A plan bringing four siblings together to celebrate their father's 70th birthday degenerates into an absurd theater of accusation and resentment as they come to terms with a novel written by one of the siblings that exposes the family's most intimate secrets.

No release schedule has been set for Peep World.