Warner Bros. has released eight brief previews for the upcoming summer heist thriller Ocean's 8, which tease the second full trailer that will debut tomorrow, April 12. It's possible that, with this trailer debut tomorrow, the new footage will also be attached to the upcoming Warner Bros./New Line action-thriller Rampage, which hits theaters on April 13, with sneak preview screenings happening tomorrow night. The official Ocean's 8 Twitter debuted previews for Sandra Bullock's Debbie Ocean, Cate Blanchett's Lou and Helena Bonham Carter's Rose, while the rest of the cast debuted the previews on their own Twitter pages.

The Sandra Bullock/Debbie Ocean trailer preview shows Debbie announcing to her team that they are going to rob the Met Ball, and when asked by Cate Blanchett's Lou why she's doing this, Debbie responds, "because it's what I'm good at." The Lou trailer features a number of shots of this character gambling at a casino and also disguised as a caterer, while explaining, "people who steal are just not trustworthy." The Helena Bonham Carter/Rose trailer reveals one of the items this team of female thieves are after, a diamond-studded necklace which Rose is examining, before an employee tells her he needs to take it back to the vault.

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The next trailer features Mindy Kaling's Amita, who has been tasked by Debbie Ocean to make "seven pieces of jewelry," which Amita says would take her five to six hours. When Debbie asks how long it would be if this meant she no longer had to live with her mother, Amita only replies, "Less." We get brief scenes featuring Amita putting together what appear to be replicas of the diamond-studded necklace from the Rose trailer, along with a scene with Amita being berated by her mother for not being married. The next trailer showcases Anne Hathaway's Daphne Kluger, who's seen wearing the necklace in question, which is estimated at over $100 million, while Daphne retorts that it's actually worth $150 million.

The next trailer features Awkwafina as Constance, who we can see is a street hustler running a three-card monte game. While we don't see much else of her, she is seen moving through some restroom stalls and passing off a key card. We don't learn much about Sarah Paulson's Tammy from her trailer, aside from her inclination to mispronounce the word "gala," with the final trailer featuring Rihanna's Nine Ball, who appears to be the tech specialist of the group. She actually uses a real Nine Ball from billiards as a trackball.

It has long been confirmed that Matt Damon will return as Linus from the Ocean's trilogy, although back in December, a petition was created with fans asking the filmmakers to remove Matt Damon from the movie, after he made some controversial comments about sexual harassment in Hollywood. Whether or not his character will be ultimately removed by director Gary Ross remains to be seen, but Ocean's 8 is shaping up to be one of this summer's sleeper hits at the box office. While we wait for more on Ocean's 8, take a look at all of the trailer previews below, courtesy of Ocean's 8 Twitter, and check back tomorrow for the full trailer.