Patton Oswalt is the latest actor to join the cast of Odd Thomas for Fusion Films and director Stephen Sommers.

The comedian will portray Oswald "Ozzie" P. Boone, an artist and sculptor who made a steel pendant that the title character (Anton Yelchin) wears around his neck. Addison Timlin, Willem Dafoe, and Nico Tortorella are in talks to join the cast, although their deals have not yet closed.

Stephen Sommers will direct from his own screenplay, which is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Dean R. Koontz. The story centers around Anton Yelchin's character, a short-order cook who has the mysterious ability to communicate with the dead, and sense evil forces. Addison Timlin will play Thomas' girlfriend, Willem Dafoe is circling the town's sherrif role, and Nico Tortorella is in discussions to play a local cop and secret cult member.

Production is scheduled to start on Odd Thomas next month in New Mexico.