Ever wondered what it would be like if, in John Wick, the assassin had died and instead his dog went out on a deadly revenge mission? Screenwriter Scott Lobdell is here to answer that very question, whether or not it's ever actually been asked. Lobdell has partnered with fellow screenwriter John J. McLaughlin for a new project titled Odin, which sees a dog looking for vengeance after his owner is killed.

Scott Lobdell previously wrote Happy Death Day, which recently was given a sequel, Happy Death Day 2U. Lobdell did not return to pen the screenplay for the follow-up which, apparently, has left many to wonder what he's been up to and what his next project is going to be. Taking to Instagram, Lobdell provided an answer to that question. Here's what he had to say.

"For everyone asking about my next project... I've written a graphic novel and feature script with my best friend John McLaughlin of Black Swan fame. ODIN is a revenge thriller in the vein of John Wick, if it was Wick who was murdered leaving the dog to seek vengeance against the killers!"

The post was included with what appears to be the cover for the graphic novel. The artwork features a White Dog, fangs out for the world to see, looking rabid and purposeful in his anger. There are some trees in the background and ODIN has kicked up some leaves in his rage. We can't see who exactly this rage is aimed at, but whoever it is probably doesn't have very long to live, as this pup looks exceptionally pissed off.

Even though this wouldn't take place in the John Wick universe, it's a fascinating idea. The events of the first movie justify Keanu Reeves going on one of the most epic killing sprees of all time, all because a gangster's punk son killed this former assassin's dog in cold blood. It wholly allowed the audience to forgive his violent actions. On the flipside, imagine seeing this dog's beloved owner killed in cold blood. Narratively, it would be interesting to see how Lobdell and McLaughlin envision this, specifically as a movie. It certainly feels like something that could work in the pages of a comic. John Wick could talk. He was a person with layers and complexity that we, as humans, can relate to. Could we follow a dog around for 90 minutes and have it work just as well?

While they didn't clarify, it seems the best strategy would be to publish the graphic novel first, then see about possibly getting the movie made. In either case, there is no word on when ODIN could hit shelves at a local comic book store or a theater near you, but we'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details are made available. Be sure to check out the artwork from Scott Lobdell's Instagram below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott