The New York Times has posted some brand new images from the set of the upcoming comedy Arthur, which is currently shooting in New York City and will be released sometime in 2011. Click on the images below to access our full photo gallery from the movie featuring comedian Russell Brand:

Russell Brand starring as Arthur
Russell Brand and director Jason Winer
Russell Brand and Helen Mirren in Arthur
Russell Brand and Jason Winer on the Arthur set
Russell Brand on the streets of New York City in Arthur

British comedian Russell Brand is starring in a remake of Arthur, the 1981 comedy that starred Dudley Moore. This new movie follows a boozy playboy rascal who is set to inherit a fortune if he marries an heiress his family thinks will make something out of him. However, he falls in love with a working-class woman and turns to his caretaker (Helen Mirren) for help when his family makes him choose between money and love.