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Lord of the Rings fans rejoice! The Official Site has launched it's Two Towers coverage! There's tons of stuff to check out at the site, most of which we've mentioned in our ongoing Lord of the Rings coverage, but there are some new interesting bits as well:

  • Details on the two versions of the Fellowship of The Ring DVD's are mentioned. (We'll go into to more detail on these when our new DVD section launches this week!)
  • An exclusive online interview with Peter Jackson can be seen where he talks about this Friday's (March 29th) release of Fellowship back into theaters with all new Two Towers footage tacked onto the end! javascript:;|Read or watch the interview...javascript:;|CLICK HERE
  • Oscar update: The official site covers all aspects of Fellowship's nominations and 4 wins!
  • NEW MULTIMEDIA! Get pictures from the Two Towers photo gallery! See the new logo! Download the new screensaver! Get it all right now...javascript:;|CLICK HERE
Stay tuned for the launch of our massive DVD section where we'll give you the inside scoop on everything contained within the Fellowship Of The Ring DVD! RELATED: Elijah Wood Confirms That One Lord of the Rings Orc Was Designed After Harvey Weinstein

Keep your eyes glued to our Two Towers coverage...~Brian

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