She knows who killed her, but do you care? Well, if you do, Sony Pictures has just launched its official website for the Lindsay Lohan thriller I Know Who Killed Me.

To visit the site CLICK HERE

Warning. You have to be at least 18 to enter the site, so be prepared to fake it. Just type in 1971 for the year, and you will be taken to one of the creepiest little video blogs ever. The description above the video segment reads:

"This is my video blog. Here I will share with you how an evolved mind works. Perfection doesn't come from not getting caught, it comes from wisdom that pain teaches us. Come back each week over the next month and I will show you more."

So, basically, the killer is going to show you how he abducted Aubrey, the character played by Lohan in the film. Apparently this seriously sick individual kidnaps her, and he cuts both her hand and her leg off. Sounds like a good time.

I Know Who Killed Me opens July 27th in theaters everywhere.