Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in a new Olay Super Bowl commercial titled Killer Skin. In addition to taking Gellar back to some horror, the commercial marks the first time that Olay has worked with the Super Bowl. The commercial promotes the makeup brand's message that a 28-day challenge can drastically transform your skin so much that your phone won't even recognize your face. It's a humorous ad that brings the former Buffy the Vampire star's comedic talents back to the small screen.

The Olay Killer Skin Super Bowl commercial was announced earlier this week and Sarah Michelle Gellar revealed that she was excited to work with the makeup brand again. The actress has worked with Olay a number of times over the years and says, "Anytime you get a phone call that a brand as iconic as Olay wants to work with you, you get really excited." However, then it dawned on Gellar that this was for the big game and that over 100 million people would be watching her. She had this to say.

"Then you start reading all of the articles about Super Bowl commercials and how 50 percent of the audience is female every year, and they have (maybe) 20 percent of ads starring and aimed at women. You realize that you are painting a narrative -- and it's really exciting and a bit overwhelming at the same time."

Olay calls the Killer Skin commercial "horror with a comedic twist," which is very fitting. The ad begins with Sarah Michelle Gellar and her male co-star enjoying their night. However, things take a turn when they realize an intruder has broken into their house. They end up running up the stairs as they try and call 911, but Gellar's skin is so nice from her 28-day challenge that her phone doesn't recognize her. But, the man just wanted to break in and compliment Gellar on her "Killer Skin."

Olay made a statement about their decision to work with the Super Bowl for the first time in their history. The makeup brand partnered with Sarah Michelle Gellar to embrace a new audience that they haven't tapped into before, and for them, it is a big deal. You can read what Olay had to say about their Killer Skin ad below.

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"We hope viewers will find (the ad) entertaining. Olay wants all women to be bold and empowered, and in a way, we're doing just that, as a brand, by showing up in a place that is historically focused on men."

Whatever the case may be, Olay hit it at the park with their horror-inspired Super Bowl commercial. We've already seen a ton of great clips, trailers, and normal commercials, which have all had great production value. While we wait to see what Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to do next (it won't be the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot), you can check out the Killer Skin commercial below, provided by the Olay North America YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick