Director Luc Besson, best known for such seminal action classics as The Professional and The Fifth Element, returns to his core roots as a filmmaker, and this time he's bringing Oldboy star Min-sik Choi with him. The imposing force of nature plays a criminal overlord who uses Scarlett Johansson's Lucy as an unwilling drug mule who gains superhuman powers after ingesting a bag of powerful pharmaceuticals during a run gone bad. Watch as the two stars have a heated showdown in this latest clip from the anticipated action thriller.

Scarlett Johansson's Lucy is an American ingénue aboard who is forced into the drug trade by a wicked criminal overlord. In a seedy Taiwanese hotel room, she is set loose with a mysterious blue narcotic that she must smuggle over the boarder. But when the bag of dope bursts inside her stomach before she can reach her checkpoint, she gains complete use of her brain capacity, which steadily increases, turning her into a god-like human. We have two more TV spots which demonstrate some of the unique abilities Lucy now possesses.

Director Luc Besson says of his leading lady Scarlett Johansson,

"She understood the story and was very excited by it. She's the kind of actress who wants to have the challenge. When she does (Broadway play) Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, it's challenging for an actress: you have to work the accent... but she loved that, she's a hard worker. I met a couple of actresses who want to be stars so much that they don't want to take any risks, they want to play the easy thing. They say, 'Oh yes, I would love to do the film!' but you can tell that they won't survive."
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange