Olga Kurylenko has signed onto star in Mara, an upcoming supernatural horror project directed by Clive Tonge. The Solution Entertainment Group's Myles Nestel and Room 101's Steven Schneider made the announcement yesterday.

The project explores the mythology and true phenomena of sleep paralysis (SUNDS). Olga Kurylenko will be portraying a criminal psychologist investigating the murder of a man, who was seemingly strangled in his sleep by his wife. She discovers a mystery involving an ancient demon, who murders people in their sleep. She finds herself in a fight to save her life and the life of the man's daughter from the evil entity.

The project will be Clive Tonge's directorial debut. Myles Nestel and Steven Schneider are producing alongside Scott Mann and James Edward Barker.

Myles Nestel had this to say about the project.

"Mara promises huge potential with the star power of Olga Kurylenko and up-and-coming horror director Clive Tonge at the helm. We're thrilled to continue our partnership with Schneider in the launch of this new 'Insidious'-type film franchise,"

Steven Schneider added his thoughts.

"Synchronicity and Mann Made Films are the perfect combination for Mara - innovative, vigorous and exciting companies in the independent sector. Clive is a phenomenal talent and horror fans will embrace him as widely as they did James Wan and, with Olga starring, we're onto another hit franchise."

James Wan and James Edward Barker also discussed the project.

"When we started developing Mara with Clive and Jonathan Frank, we aimed to partner with a visionary like Steven Schneider. Now teamed up with him, alongside Synchronicity, and Olga's exceptional talent on board as well, we have the best possible platform to make an incredibly entertaining and chillingly crafted piece of horror."

No production schedule has been announced.