It seems that an international production has just signed on a new actress. Screen Daily is reporting that actress Olga Kurylenko has joined the cast of Empires of the Deep.

The 3D production has already begun shooting in China, with the $100 million film making history as the largest 3D production in China film history. The fantasy film is being co-directed by Michael French and Jonathan Lawrence, from a script by Randall Frakes and Jiang Hongyu.

The story revolves around a young man's journey through a mythical underwater mermaid kingdom, where he is trying to rescue his father, while encountering some of the most ferocious creatures the sea kingdom has to offer.

Kurylenko will portray the Queen of the Mermaid Empire and stars alongside male lead Steve Polites and Liang Yanfei. It was also said that Avatar's virtual camera operator Anthony Arendt has come aboard the film as well, as a stereography consultant for the film's 3D.