Oliver Hudson grew up in the Hollywood society, so it was almost inevitable, with his talent and movie star looks that this young man would end up in the business. Oliver has show business in his blood. His mother is Goldie Hawn, his stepfather is Kurt Russell, his sister is Kate Hudson, his father is actor/singer Bill Hudson and his stepmother is actress Cindy Williams.

Hudson is currently starring in the CBS comedy, Rules of Engagement. This is Hudson's third series (his others were "Dawson's Creek" and "The Mountain"), and his first attempt at series comedy. "This is the first sitcom I've ever done. I've only done episodic [TV] and movies. This was such a great opportunity. I've always wanted to do something like this. I've always honestly been scared." What? Goldie Hawn's son afraid of comedy? Hopefully he's seen all the episodes of Laugh-In.

In his show Oliver plays Adam, a newly engaged man who is getting advice about marriage from his long-married friend played by Patrick Warburton, and his cynical bachelor pal played by David Spade. The show focuses on the subject of marriage, and Hudson confides, "I obviously grew up in a family where marriage really didn't work. And then, my stepdad got together with my mom, and it's been a beautiful thing for 22 years." For Hudson, Goldie and Kurt have provided a stable home life and an example of great companionship.

"I was a little hesitant about getting married, [but] I did it. And only after the honeymoon did I finally sort of realize what it meant and that it meant more than what I thought it did." With a show about marriage, Hudson is drawing from his own experiences to play his character. "Obviously everything's heightened in the show."

According to Oliver, he says he's a fairly optimistic guy, like his character. "I wouldn't think I'm as crazy [or] as insane. But, yeah, I'm optimistic, definitely, I hope."

Like so many couples, Hudson stresses a sense of humor is necessary in order to get through the ups and downs of life. "Without a doubt. A sense of humor gets you through most everything. Sometimes it gets you into trouble, though," he confesses. "I usually use humor to get out of most things. It's kind of my way. So when something goes wrong, I will try to make a joke of it. Sometimes it works and sometimes I get hit. .... But there's no one specific example that I can give you where my sense of humor has gotten me out of a situation. Without it, I think a relationship is just doomed." With that statement, it is fair to conclude that there is a lot of humor in the Hawn/Russell house.

This thirty-one-year-old seems to be extremely happy with his life and his current project and is enthusiastic when he says, "This is the most fun I've had doing anything, by far. It's just light and fun and you get to try to be funny." Oliver hopes the show continues for many years, but when he looks ahead at his career, he says he would like to do both comedy and drama.