Oliver Stone has been in /jamie-foxx-and-director-oliver-stone-board-martin-luther-king-jr-biopic/negotiations to direct the Untitled Martin Luther King Jr. Project for DreamWorks, with Jamie Foxx in talks to star as the Civil Rights Leader, since October. We haven't heard anything else about the biopic until today, when the filmmaker took to his Twitter page to reveal that he is no longer involved due to creative differences with the producers, while blasting those who controll Martin Luther King's estate and the black community for suffocating the truth about the man.

With the director no longer on board, it isn't known if Jamie Foxx is still attached to the project as well. The actor and filmmaker previously worked together on the 1999 football drama Any Given Sunday.

Our report from October revealed that Kario Salem wrote the script after doing three years worth of research on Martin Luther King's life. DreamWorks acquired all the rights to Martin Luther King's speeches, books and other works back in 2009, including his "I Have a Dream Speech." The project is the first to to be granted permission by Martin Luther King's estate to use his copyrighted materials in a movie. Since Oliver Stone's take delved into more controversial aspects of his life, it's no surprise that they wouldn't approve of his script.

Steven Spielberg, Suzanne De Passe, Madison Jones and Samuel Nappi are producing, with several of Martin Luther King's family members expected to serve as executive producers. No production schedule was given.