At an event at Warner Bros. recently it appears that Oliver Stone and Wolfgang Petersen have finally come to terms with their films Alexander and Troy.

In a story from Home Media Magazine, Alexander: Revisited - The Final Cut is the last version of this release that Stone will put out (after already releasing numerous versions of this film on DVD), with this final version being on HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc. This new version also showcases a documentary that Stone's son shot while his dad was making the film.

"I was embarrassed at first," Oliver Stone stated. "He was there at all times, hotel rooms ... on the set."

"The only thing I had as a model to plug into this was [a documentary about] Apocalypse Now."

"I promise you I won't be back," Oliver stone joked. "DVD has given me the freedom I hadn't had before. That was the right length for this movie, always was. [I'm] finally able to come to peace with myself with this script."

Movie PictureIn the case of Wolfgang Petersen, he spent "nearly four months in the editing room" to bring Troy to a place he was comfortable with.

"It was the best time in the editing room I had," he said. "We couldn't wait every day to come to work."

For Petersen this new version of the film offers everything he and everyone else could want.

"This was to make it what originally it was supposed to be ... this is an even bolder version than what we had with the original director's cut," he states of this new, bolder version which has a runtime of 196 minutes.

"It feels much faster than the old one." He went on to say. "It's there and nobody can take it away from me."

Alexander: Revisited - The Final Cut and this new version of Troy are currently available on DVD.

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