According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oliver Stone has begun shooting one of the first Hollywood films about September 11 in New York -- without recreating the large-scale devastation that's all too familiar to residents who lived through the 2001 attacks.

After months of meetings with community and family groups, producers of the untitled movie have promised to tread carefully on sensitive ground. Most of the major action portraying the World Trade Center collapse will be shot on a Los Angeles sound stage. And although news footage of the towers themselves will be shown during the film, it will play on television screens in the background.

"We're not doing the 'Towering Inferno-Titanic' version," said Michael Shamberg, who's producing the Paramount film with his partner, Stacey Sher.

Stone started shooting scenes in New York last month for his untitled film, starring Nicolas Cage as one of two policemen who survived the towers' collapse and were rescued from the trade center ruins after 22 hours.