Alexander: Oliver Stone recently spoke with The Z Review about the whole "Alexander The Great" storyline being adapted and shot by himself and director Baz Luhrman for 2 seperate films:

Press: With two Alexander projects being worked on just now, do you see (Baz) Luhrman as a rival?

"Ours is going ahead in four weeks on three continents, and I think this is the biggest project of my life, there was no race for me the race was getting the script finished, I feel nervous and anxious, but we are closing the gap fast though! It's a nice break from it to come to Edinburgh".

"It's a great story, I've been working on the script for so long. There are surface events, but you have to get into a theme and find the characters and take the shot".

"Baz's "Romeo and Juliet", is my favourite, it shows he can do something really extravagant and beautiful. I don't know about his theme, I think it would have been different if they'd gone first with Leonardo".

"We've got Colin (Farrell), and I believe he's got true grit, he's very impressive, with a mercurial Irish temperament. In four weeks I'll be able to tell you some more and hopefully by February I'll be smiling!"

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