Booksmart director Olivia Wilde has found a home for her sophomore directorial debut, which will be a Holiday Comedy. After a bidding war between six studios, Universal landed the new project. Wilde saw acting fame with her role in the teen soap opera, The OC where she played Mischa Barton's (Ouija House) troubled love interest and Fox's House. Although she eventually moved to larger films such as Tron: Legacy and In Time, her recent stint in the director's chair has earned her critical acclaim.

Booksmart starred Beanie Feldstein (TV's What We Do in the Shadows) and Kaityln Dever (Unbelievable) as academic overachievers Amy and Molly who thought focusing only on school gave them a leg up on their high school peers. But on the eve of graduation, the best friends suddenly realize that they may have missed out on the special moments of their teenage years. Determined to make up for lost time, the girls decide to cram four years of not-to-be missed fun into one night -- a chaotic adventure that no amount of book smarts could prepare them for. The film emerged from SXSW to make a meager $22 million, but received rave reviews. The comedy has since earned a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and Wilde a spot at the director's table. Olivia Wilde took to instagram to announce her next move.

"Making Booksmart was the most fun we've ever had (and I saw Prince live so...) and now we are beyond grateful to be able to collaborate on a NEW project- one that was born on the set of Booksmart during a long series of night shoots when I only drank Coke and didn't sleep for 5 days straight so you KNOW it's a good idea! Here we gooooooooooo,&#[email protected]"

Their "new project" hasn't yet been given any details outside of being a holiday comedy. Aside from partnering with Wilde on Booksmart, writer Katie Silberman has worked on films such as Set It Up, and Isn't It Romantic. A filmography like that earned Silberman and Wilde a bidding war. One that Deadline reports Universal won.

Universal's SVP of Production Sara Scott and Director of Development Lexi Barta will oversee development. While both Wilde and Silberman will write the script and produce the film. The prospects for the project look good with the backing of the larger studio. Annapurna handled the marketing campaign for Booksmart, and the subtle push wasn't quote enough to earn the big box office news. But with the support of a large studio, and the inherent buzz that this film is sure to carry, expectations are high.

No release date has been set, but as it is reportedly a "holiday film", so we might assume Christmas 2020. Wilde is currently filming her role in Clint Eastwood's The Ballad of Richard Jewell, and Silberman's Most Dangerous Game is expected in 2020. This story was previously reported on by deadline

Samantha Clair at Movieweb
Samantha Clair