Occupant Films' Better Living Through Chemistry is making another casting swap, with Olivia Wilde replacing Jennifer Garner in the dark comedy. Jennifer Garner was forced to drop out of the project due to her recent pregnancy. We reported last month that Sam Rockwell replaced Jeremy Renner.

The story centers around a pharmacist (Sam Rockwell) stuck in a dead-end marriage, who starts an affair with a trophy wife (Olivia Wilde). When the pharmacist introduces his new lover to prescription drugs, things spiral out of control as they hatch a plot to kill her husband. Michelle Monaghan will portray the pharmacist's wife while Judi Dench will serve as the narrator.

Geoff Moore and David Posamentier will direct from their own original screenplay, which made the Black List last year. Joe Neurauter, Felipe Marino, and Keith Calder will produce for Occupant Films.

Production is scheduled to start sometime this fall, on location in Maryland.