In a very recent interview with Scifi Wire, actress Olivia Wilde talked about her upcoming role in the highly anticipated, twenty-seven years in the making Disney sequel TR2N. Though she's not allowed to say too much, she did reveal a few interesting facts. They include:

Bruce Boxleitner is indeed starring in the film alongside his original Tron co-star Jeff Bridges. Both will presumably be reprising their roles from the first movie. Director Joseph Kosinski is building massive practical sets for the film, representing the virtual world, rather than shooting against green screens. The movie begins shooting this April in Vancouver. And the project will make use of face-replacement computer technology last seen in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
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During a recent press conference for an upcoming episode of Fox's popular drama House M.D., Wilde refused to say anything more about her character, her character's name, or how her character will be realized. To read Olivia Wilde's entire interview about her participation in TR2N, click on over to Scifi Wire and check it out.