Netflix seems to agree that The Olsen Twins would be of great assistance on Unsolved Mysteries. The iconic series from the 1980s is back again on the streaming service and it's very popular. However, the fact that a lot of these cases are still unsolved has a lot of people puzzled as to why Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen haven't been put on the case. Afterall, the duo were made famous thanks to their slogan of solving "any crime by dinnertime."

Olsen Twins Unsolved Mysteries
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The Favorite Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley is where The Olsen Twins went after Full House and became even bigger stars. Together, they solved many (eleven in total) crimes and traveled all over the world in their straight-to-video releases. With crime fighting results as strong as theirs, it might be time for Netflix to give the duo a call. One Unsolved Mysteries fan made a pretty humorous meme of The Olsen Twins "solving" the mysteries of the show, which the Netflix social media account retweeted, adding, "and that's that."

It would be pretty amazing to see what Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen could pull off before dinnertime now that they are adults. They might be able to tackle two episodes of Unsolved Mysteries before lunchtime, though that might not be good for the latest version of the hit series, which seems to be all over everywhere at the moment. Netflix was pretty wise to release the series when they could, especially since a lot of people are still stuck at home, due to current events. People are even checking out the final season of Fuller House, which leads to another topic.

If Netflix couldn't get The Olsen Twins for Fuller House, there's probably no way that they could get them for Unsolved Mysteries either. So, this meme will probably never become a reality, unfortunately. As it turns out, The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley and various products turned the young women into millionaires, thanks to their Dualstar Entertainment Group. In March 2012, both Mary-Kate and Ashley officially announced their retirement from acting in order to focus on their careers in the fashion industry. Now they design fancy clothing before dinnertime.

Unsolved Mysteries is currently streaming on Netflix and some of the mysteries are actually being solved, even without the help of The Olsen Twins. In all seriousness, the show has been helping quite a bit. Episode four of the new series, which is titled No Ride Home, focused on the case of Alonzo Brooks, a 23-year-old who was found dead after he attended a party. No arrests were ever made and his autopsy could not determine a cause of death. But, thanks to the show, the FBI is relaunching the case. The Unsolved Mysteries social media accounts recently posted, "The body of Alonzo Brooks was exhumed this morning. His case was recently reopened by the FBI who are offering a $100K reward for tips leading to an arrest. If you know something please come forward." Hopefully the FBI will receive some leads. In the meantime, you can check out The Olsen Twins Unsolved Mysteries meme above, thanks to the Netflix Twitter account.